Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 17.

I think the above quote really hits home just how important it is to be kind to ourselves. Our inner dialogue is often the most damaging conversation we ever have. Isn’t it about time we all changed that?


Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 16.

Why be in competition with your colleagues? Why be in competition with your friends? Why be in competition with anyone when being yourself is the best compliment you can pay yourself. Being the best version of yourself means you focus more on improving your own life and less on competing with your peers.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 15.

As the quote suggests, positive thinking isn’t all peace and harmony and being all happy, clappy all of the time. Positive thinking is all about accepting that you cannot change everything, it’s about being happy with your thoughts because you’re not destroying your emotional well-being with negative thinking that is detrimental to your health as a whole. Makes sense.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 14.

As we head towards the new year we often start thinking about how we could have done things differently. This process often makes us very critical of ourselves, which really is detrimental to our emotional well-being. What you can do right now is implement the five steps above, that way you can start the new year with a more positive mindset.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 13.

The recurring theme that we hear about time and again once normality resumes after the holidays is how things didn’t go according to plan. In that case we should just go with the flow, we will be happier in the long run if we just let go and stop trying to micromanage every last detail.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 10.

A reminder that we don’t have to strive for perfection before we enjoy what life has to offer. This is the time of year where we feel under pressure to have everything perfect; the perfect tree, the perfect gifts, the perfect outfit, the perfect food and drink, the perfect family…… What we fail to realise is that our idea of perfection is not the same as anyone else’s, therefore we are never going to please everyone. So why bother tying yourself up in knots striving for a perceived perfection that will fall way short of what you desire?

Be yourself. Be real. Be happy. The rest will fall into place.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 9.

Still feeling stressed? Still feeling out of your depth? Overwhelmed?

A really good way to reconnect with yourself and feel grounded once more is to practice being grateful. Showing gratitude is one of the in things to do right now, it’s become a trend. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by this simple activity, you only need feel grateful for something small to actually participate. By finding something to be grateful for each day, being alive, having a warm coat, being surrounded by family and friends, and so on, you can easily put life into perspective. So if you start each day being grateful for something, then the once daunting tasks ahead become less overwhelming and you get to feel relaxed as you go about your day.

Positivity Advent Calendar. Day 8.

Now that the social festivities have started the pressure we feel is starting to bite. Someone needs you to run an errand for them, the shopping for the Christmas feasting needs doing, the gift buying needs completing, nativities and concerts are being hosted at schools, and despite all of this busy someone still expects something from you that you feel pressurised into saying yes to.

Just remember, you don’t have to say yes. It’s quite acceptable to say no, you are not a bad person just because you have refused a request. As long as it isn’t an emergency then there is no reason why someone else can’t help out. It doesn’t have to be you. Saying no does not equal being mean.