Mercury retrograde.

Mercury is retrograde at the moment – this means the planet Mercury is in reverse, rather than moving forward – and so far I have been beset by delays, mostly petty, and broken electrical equipment.  These things are what one can expect during Mercury Retrograde, along with communication problems, misunderstandings and technical failures.  Of course that list isn’t exhaustive, but it does give a general idea of what one can expect during this planetary phase.

It is advisable not to make hasty decisions during this time and this is something I have always adhered to, until this time.  I need to solve a problem and have been working out a solution for this problem.  I had everything in place, ready to implemet when I was ready, but today a new piece of information became known to me.  I have had to double check everything, going back over everything has been time consuming but necessary.  And during this double-checking I have found that the new piece of information has actually helped more than I could have imagined, so much so I feel as if I have been saved from making a huge error.

Many astrologers try to put a positive spin on the retrogrades of Mercury, telling us that we should use this time to rest and check out all the details so that we don’t miss something vital.  We should acknowledge that there will be delays and a breakdown in communications, we should try to be aware that things can break down at anytime of the year, but probably more so during a Mercury Retrograde.  The astrologers tell us that armed with all of this information we should be able to get through a period of reverse movement by Mercury pretty well; armed with all of the information we now have at our fingertips about such events it is assumed that we will breeze through this period quite happily.

Easier said than done though and I always amaze myself each time with how angry I get when I find myself caught up in some high drama during a Mercury Retorgrade, or some traffic jam that seems to have been caused by nothing significant.  It usually only dawns on me when something electrical breaks down, and invariably it does.

This Mercury Retorgrade lasts until April 23rd.  Yup, another three weeks before this planet turns direct and the astrologers are saying we won’t be out of the woods until May 2nd – a whopping five weeks more of these issues. 

Good luck and hold onto your hat. 

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