Mercury Retrograde annoyances.

Today has been such a slow day, not so much in the day is passing slowly, but in the delays I have had to face.  Typical of being midway through a Mercury Retrograde.  It seems everywhere I go today is fraught with delays, hold-ups, things needing doing over and over again because they weren’t done right the first time round, or because something went wrong the first time round.

I received a cheque back in the mail today – mail that was nearly two hours later than usual – because I hadn’t signed it.  This can be explained away as sheer carelessness on my part, rather than the effects of Mercury Retrograde.  But this was payment for an item I need desperately and now I have to wait even longer, typical Mercury Retrograde.

Today I cannot feel philosophical about Mercury Retrograde – you know, how the delays and virtual non-movement of everything generally benefits us all in the long run – with so many delays happening in my life right now (not just the item being delayed through my own fault) it is beginning to grate on my nerves.  Another 10 days of this kind of thing and I think I will go mad.

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