Hawthorn Month.

We are now in the month of the Hawthorn in Celtic lore.  This time runs from May 13th until June 9th.  From a magickal point of view this is a great time to clear away old habits and outdated spiritual ideas.  Hawthorn can also be used for fertility, health and protection.  The Hawthorn is also associated with the fey.

I recently bought a Hawthorn tree and have it planted out in my garden.  I have also gone back to my interest in the wee folk.  When I first came to the craft I had a huge interest in fairies, but over time I let other people sway me into thinking a belief in the fey was childish.  In recent times though, I have felt myself being drawn back to them and a renewed interest in everything fey.

I have been through a really tough time over the past year, with the darkest time being from December until the end of April.  I lost my younger brother – he was 29 years old – and my Dad spent three months in hospital before losing his fight against illness.  I have been forced to re-evaluate everything.  Things that were important to me no longer have any bearing in my life.  People who once figured highly have been cast aside as I have discovered we are no longer complimenting one another.  I have found that no matter how hard  I have tried to do certain things I just cannot progress in that area and so in the wake of these two deaths I have reassessed my priorities – both with people and aspects of my life – where I would usually hold on so tightly.  As a Taurean I detest change; I am such a control freak and changing anything in my life usually scares the hell out of me.  But this dark time has left me needing change and I have found that I am now no longer afraid to embrace it.

This month I aim to tap into the energies of the Hawthorn and clear away what is no longer needed in my spiritual life.

© 2011 Susan Park.  All Rights Reserved.

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