Me and the warrior.

Sounds like a racy novel, doesn’t it?  In fact it is actually my life.  I feel like a warrior, and as corny as that sounds it is not unusual for women to have warrior spirits.  In today’s society we may be unfamiliar with a warrior, what we know of fighting we associate with the armed forces and war.  But a warrior is not necessarily a member of the armed forces.
A warrior is someone who fights for what they believe in.  A warrior is someone who fights injustice.  A warrior is someone who stands strong when facing adversity.  A warrior is someone who faces the challenges that life throws their way.  A warrior is whatever you believe a warrior to be.

I believe in my warrior self because of all of the tough challenges life has thrown my way.  I suppose I have always been a warrior, but I suppose people grow into this character type when life gets tough.  For me, being a warrior means I can come across as less feminine – I pack an aggressive punch when backed into a corner and I come back out fighting, sometimes dirty if that is what is called for.
If you know me personally then you know why I am so tough, life has been very hard and that has hardened me.  In recent years the challenges life had thrown my way were beginning to slow down and life was looking far more peaceful.  But last summer life angled back down the tough route and my resolve strengthened, my attitude hardened – again – and I had to don my warrior role.  And just when I thought I could relax again I find I have to fight yet again.

I’m talking about having a wobble on the emotional front, different things making me feel vulnerable.  And yet another death in my family – since last Summer we have experienced 5 deaths within the family and a couple of friends of the family have also passed.  The most recent death was this weekend – my cousin’s wife committed suicide and whilst we weren’t close it has still knocked my inner resolve and I have had to call on my warrior.

But I have gone off track there.  What I was trying to get at was that when life is being hard invoking your inner warrior can be a huge help in overcoming the difficulties you face.  Even if you have no idea how to get in touch with this side of yourself you can form your own visualisation, ritual etc.

Think about the warrior women of past and present.  Boadicaea, Joan Of Arc are just a couple from the past.  Sara Payne, Kate McCann, Denise Fergus -mum of Jamie Bulger – are just a few of our present day warriors that spring to mind. Of course you might also think of fictional lady warriors, such as, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Xena The Princess Warrior, The Halliwell sisters from Charmed, Princess Leia and Padme Adimala both from the Star Wars saga.
Look at their characters, how they fight for what they believe in even when faced with unbearable challenges. That is the type of fighting spirit we women have and use when faced with life’s hard challenges.  That is the type of character we need to portray to become our own warriors.

Next time life throws a huge obstacle your way, meet it head on by invoking your inner warrior.

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