Witchin in the city.

Where I live I am surrounded by nature and for that I feel blessed.  I live in the city, but I live on the fringe of the city and nature blesses me with her bounty everyday.  I feel so fortunate today to be surrounded by her beauty, despite the grey clouds and on/off rain mother nature is really glowing right now.
It is evident in the trees that line my street and the trees and shrubs behind my house and in my back garden.
I often feel cheated during the summer months as I don’t always get the time, or have enough energy, to work in my garden and quite often the plans I had made fall by the wayside.  But it recently dawned on me that I son’t have to have a garden full of plants and flowers (although I do have a lot of shrubs and some flowers) to appreciate mother nature, there is an abundance of nature on my doorstep and it really is quite something.

When autumn comes around I feel more in tune with myself as a witch, I’m not entirely sure why this is.  The beauty that greets me everyday in my area fills my heart with joy and this probably helps.  During the summer months there are quite a few troublesome people in the area (one lives nearby with her family) and it can have an adverse effect on my enjoyment of this beautiful area.  Because of this I tend to stick to my own place during the summer months, as the last thing anybody really wants is to have to put up with the drug dealing and yobbish behaviour.  This is really something that adds to my stress and I am always looking for new ways to remove the stress factor.
But when the colder months descend upon us such people would rather stay indoors and this gives me the chance to really appreciate the beauty that mother nature has bestowed upon this area.  I always feel so much more a witch during the autumn, winter and spring months and I am just starting to hear the call so much more of late.

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