I’m making plans for Samhain.  I don’t do an awful lot of ritual.  This is for many different reasons, mainly because ritual can become very monotonous when flying solo.  That isn’t to say I have never partaken in ritual, I have – both in a group setting and as a solitary – sometimes I really enjoyed it, other times I wished I was doing my own thing.  I have a plan to start something at Samhain for this blog, but it needs a bit more work before it’s ready.  What I always do though is divination for the coming year, so that is one definite.

Last year I did a specific meditation – it was aimed at honouring the ancestors and during that meditation my brother and my Dad both appeared beside me.  I thought it strange at the time but dismissed it and forgot all about it until my brother got sick and then died.  I thought about it again after my Dad died and it made me realise that I was getting forewarning of their deaths.  I had intended this meditation to be part of my Samhain traditions, but now I’m not sure that I want to go ahead with that again.  It spooked the hell out of me when I realised what it had foretold.
Having said that, I had dreamt about both of their deaths a couple of years ago.  Again I had dismissed these dreams because they were nothing like the dreams I had when my Grandmother died.  That was a recurring dream and I had it again just before my Aunty died, so I had expected to get it each time someone was going to die.

Honouring the ancestors has always been something I have done at Samhain and this year it is going to be alot more personal, given that my brother and my Dad will be included.  It won’t be about long dead relatives and people I wasn’t that close to – though I do include my Grandmother and my Aunty in my rememberance, they died in 2002 and 2005.

I’m still making lists and looking into what else I can do though because I want it to be very much relevant to me and my life and not a replica of someone else’s plans.

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