Renewing my spirit, what it’s all about.

I’ve previously done posts about renewing my spirit and discussed how important it is for me.  At this time I am flying blind in this practice because there has been so much going on in my life, and there have been times where I have been unable to just kick back and partake in activities I had planned for this day.
I have tried to keep Sunday as a me day, but life always throws something my way and I end up making myself ill with stress and too much action – I have a chronic illness and too much of this just floors me.  So Sunday’s in recent months have been more about catching up on lesson plans, or chasing about after people, things like that.

When I decided to do this 366 days of witchery I didn’t have time to make plans for my spirit renewal day, and that is why I am just letting it happen.  Perhaps this is a good thing, if I don’t really have plans then they won’t be broken – notice the hint of sarcasm here!

It’s been a hectic week here for me, things I have had to do for others and then a lost day on Friday because I have some problem with my neck – most likely to do with the arthritis.  I spent most of the day lying down because standing or sitting made me really dizzy.  It was night time before I was able to sit for any length of time without feeling I was going to keel over.
One thing I have found during my enforced bed rest is how much sifting through my thoughts, problems and so on I actually get done.  This may actually be a blessing in disguise, me being ill gives me time to reflect and sort and solve stuff I never seem to have five minutes for otherwise.  Usually this sort of thing would be done on a Sunday when I am renewing my spirit, but with that having been on hold recently I haven’t had anywhere near the contemplation time I sorely needed.

During the enforced inactivity on Friday I discovered that when I have periods of stress and many problems coming my way I drop the whole spiritual side of things (that bit I knew already) and don’t get round to sorting and sifting and solving on a Sunday like I would normally do.  This in turn has led to a worsening of current issues which has distanced me even further from what I want to be doing.
Therefore it is vital that I have this day – even if I can only manage a few hours – to take time out to see where I am at with issues and so on.  I also realised that during the times I was able to have the renewing my spirit day I was a lot less ill with fibro than when I have everything piling on top of me.  It is vital then that I have some time, not just to solve issues and problems but to rest and recuperate for my own sake.

Renewing my spirit day is good for me.