Fluffiness, or maybe not….

Sometimes I despair with humankind, especially fellow witches.  There are those people in society – and witches are no exception sometimes – who take great pleasure in ridiculing everything others say and do.  And just why this is I have no idea, some of the time it can be passed off because of jealousy and others it can be sheer bloody spite.  But there are times when it is neither and there is no reasonable explanation for it.

There are mutterings about how what I am doing is a load of rubbish and nothing in my posts are credible.  I have always maintained that what I write about in this blog is based on MY OPINION and not necessarily in agreement with what the next person might believe in.  I am, once again, being labelled a fluffy wannabe.

You know, that term is derogatory at best.

A fluffy wannabe is someone who is all talk and no action – a bit like those muppets who are running their mouth’s about me!  They buy every available tool and witchy themed paraphernalia and talk lots about how fairies came to help them out at their midnight ritual to save the unicorns!
Basically, if you are living the life, practicing what you preach and so on then you are not a fluffy.  I have been labelled fluffy because I like the colour pink, love romance themed books and films, don’t really like rock music – although I do like certain songs – have a penchant for Charmed, Twilight Saga and the Vampire Diaries, oh, not to mention shows on the Syfy channel.

According to some, this makes me a fluffy bunny airhead.

It doesn’t matter that I have been studying witchcraft since I was 14 – 26 years and counting! – practicing properly since my early 20’s.  Nor does it matter that I write all of my own spells, have a knack for understanding a person’s dream right on the spot without having to dig a dream dictionary out.  Nor does it matter to them that I can tell what a person is like within minutes of meeting them – and am correct in 99.99% of cases.
I could go on, but really I will be sounding like I am trying to justify myself to them.

The bottom line for me is that if you live this life and practice what you preach then hellooooooo, you are a witch.  If you like rock music, good for you, if you don’t then that’s OK too.  It’s what’s in your heart that counts and what you believe in is none of my business and I have no right to judge you because you leave food out for fairies, or work with other so called mythical beings.

Fluffy is an easy way to criticise a person who does not share the same beliefs as another.  It is generally bandied about by so-called witches, but usually these witches never ever practice any form of witchcraft and just like the notoriety of  being bolshie and bullying others who don’t share the same beliefs and taste in music and shows on TV and films and books as they do.

Helloooo?????  Who wants to be a carbon copy of their friends anyway?  Who wants to live and breathe everything that their friends do?  Yeah, it’s great to have shared interest with others and to have the chance to discuss and enjoy those shared interest together, but if we were all the same we would be just clones of one another and life would become really boring.

So this pink loving, trashy romance novel loving, Twilight fan is no fluffy bunny.  I have my own beliefs and likes and dislikes and like to think I am an original, not just doing what others are doing as I am too scared to break the mould.


What an awful day it was yesterday for me.  My husband and I have been having some difficulties relationship wise for some time now, they had calmed down but yesterday they just flared right up.  Of course the first thing to go out of the window was my witchy-a-day thing.  I couldn’t think straight and the last thing on my mind was anything like that.

Finally, the tension subsided and I decided to meditate.

Meditation is something I came to do very late on in my witchy life.  I was aware of it, but it was something I thought I couldn’t do – just like the visualisation 😉
About 2 or 3 years ago I was working on something and meditation was a huge part of this work.  In the beginning I tried to get away with not doing it, but it soon became impossible and I ended up giving it a go.  I surprised myself with just how easy it was.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do not go in for long and complicated meditations; firstly a lack of privacy means I am unable, for now, to play them back and just go along with them.  Secondly, I have a habit of falling asleep if they are too long; this was an issue I had right at the beginning but I was advised to sit up and meditate rather than lie down and I would be less likely to fall asleep!
I have to admit that this actually does work, but if a meditation is really long I often do find myself drifting off, even sitting up.

Before I got sick I used to go to yoga with my friend and we had a blast!  Towards the end of each yoga session we did some meditation, but usually I couldn’t concentrate on what was supposed to be happening and would drift off and have very strange experiences, nothing remotely related to the meditation.  This was why I thought I couldn’t meditate at all, but obviously I was wrong.

A technique that I use when I just want to calm my mind and maybe gain some clarity is to sit comfortably, usually on my bed.  Then when I have stilled my mind I picture myself standing up, walking towards the bedroom door and then down the stairs.  Then I see myself going outside into my garden, sitting down on a bench and relaxing.  I imagine I can hear the birds singing and a gentle breeze rustling in the trees.
Sometimes this is enough to clam me down, I maybe spend around 5-10 minutes doing this before bringing myself back inside, back up the stairs and back into the bedroom.
But sometimes I need an answer to a puzzling question and other forms of divination have not revealed anything.  This is when I use the above technique, plus I imagine an older version of myself comes to sit beside me and we chat about problems; or I have other techniques where I go down my street to the field at the top end and once in the field I walk a shirt distance before a mist descends on me.  Once the mist clears I am some place else – I usually have decided beforehand just where I am going to visualise myself being once the mist has cleared.  Once the mist has cleared I have a few techniques, such as choosing a path to go down to discover an answer, or meeting a person who then gives me advice, or being led to a pool of water where I get clear images of what I need to know.

I much prefer to imagine myself in my back garden, or in the field near my house because these places are very familiar to me and I have no trouble at all recalling them.  Sometimes, even when it is a guided meditation, I find it difficult to picture everything in my mind and that is why I tend to use these methods.

I think anyone who has difficulty with meditations should develop their own technique using familiar surroundings.