The moon and spellwork.

This is something I do not stick to religiously.  Don’t get me wrong, if I have something planned and it isn’t urgent then I am just as likely to wait for the correct moon phase.  The thing is though, I tend to be really unorganised with my life – although it is organised chaos to be honest.  I have tried to be better organised but the way my illness gets me just means that organised chaos works better for me than trying to be regimented.

I was reading another blog a couple of days ago where the author was discussing spellwork and the phase of the moon and that got me thinking about how I utilise the power of the moon, or rather don’t.  It isn’t that I disagree with those who use the power of the moon, it is just exactly like I have said, my chaotic lifestyle.

But just out of interest I thought I would include a list of the phases of the moon and what magick can be performed; it is not a complete list, just a few ideas, so don’t be thinking, “well this can be done and she hasn’t said”.

New Moon = Magicks performed at this time are for new beginnings in all areas of your life.

Waxing Moon = Magicks performed now for positive outcomes in whatever you are working towards, it’s all about bringing things to you or whoever right now.

Full Moon = This is a do all kind of phase, very powerful (actually for a couple of days before and after too) and whatever you need can be worked for right now.

Waning Moon = this phase is all about pushing away undesirable situations etc.  Whether that be debts, the wrong sort of people or even wanting to lose weight.

Those moon phases and their workings are a very basic description.  There are more in depth phases to those phases (including the dark of the moon) and you can be even more specific during those too.  You can also work for whatever you want during whatever phase you want.  Some books would have you wait until a specific phase but you can actually work for the same thing during any of the phases.  Take reducing debt for example, during the new and waxing moon you could work for an increase in your finances and during the waxing and dark of the moon you could work on reducing whatever debts you have.  You just have to think what is best for you and work out how you are going to do it.