More on this….

On this blog yesterday I made a brief comment about this well and said how disappointed I was.  Well, it wasn’t that I was disappointed in the well per se, more the size of it.  I was expecting a proper well, albeit a ruin, but the reality of it is more like three paving slabs.  There is no sign to indicate that you are at the well – despite the online description – and so I never bothered to take any pics of it.  Me and DH assumed that the well was through a field that was closed off, except for a high stile that would have been difficult for us to get two big labs over, so we never bothered going any further.

I am always intrigued by things like this, especially when they lay claims to having healing powers.  Obviously the well is no longer in use, but in the past people believed that the water from it had healing properties.  I wonder if the water really did have special powers or was it just the belief of the drinkers that gave them what they were looking for.

The strength of belief is a wonderful thing; positive thinking can move mountains when used properly, so who knows whether the water from the Chalybeate Well near Carlisle really was magickal, or if it was the power of positive thinking.