There is something romantic about having your fortune told by a Gypsy, or the like, who claims to be the seventh son of a seventh son.  OK, I know that isn’t how it goes, but a passing comment about such things a few days back reminded me of how I am actually the fourth child of a fourth child.
My Dad had 2 elder brothers and elder sister – actually, the eldest brother is the only one of them still alive.  Then there are 3 brothers older than me and 1 (now deceased) younger.  It’s quite bizarre really because my Dad had a fascination with all kinds of religions and beliefs – he was once going to become a vicar – he even looked into paganism very briefly.  I only found that out after I had become interested.

My eldest brother is interested in this kind of thing, but he is really into spiritualism and the like.  The next brother down has no interest whatsoever, and then the brother directly above me is not religious but would go to church if he was asked to.  Finally, our younger brother had no interest in religion and did like the idea of the beliefs of the Jedi Knights, you know that belief in the power of the mind etc.
When he died we all insisted there was no religion at his funeral.

Of course I don’t think that my witchy beliefs have anything to do with being a fourth child of a fourth child, but it does sound really quite cool!