We’ve all experienced this.  Lately I feel as if there is an awful lot of synchronicity going on in my life.  One doesn’t have to be a witch or pagan to believe in this concept, but I always find that such folk are more open minded about it.  Of course, non pagans/witches do believe in this concept too, but in my experience I have found that the non pagans/witches are less likely to believe in synchronicity.

Synchronicity –  an unlikely pattern of events, that is how I like to describe it – saved us from bankruptcy when DH became seriously ill in 2002.

Track back to 1998/1999.  Both DH and I were working – him a ridiculous amount of hours and me 20 hours per week.  We had a decent income between us and we decided we wanted to move from our house that we were renting.  The decision to buy was made and we soon found a decent house nearby.  Our offer was accepted and we began the process.  But half way through I got an inkling to call it off.  A sudden sense of foreboding about the sale gripped me and I had a hard job convincing DH that we should not go ahead.
Eventually he agreed and we pulled out.

We were really thankful a year later when we discovered that the property needed major works doing and that these works were going to cost something like £15,000 – £17,000 to put right.  This was definitely too much for us and we would have been stuck with a wreck of a house and no money to fix it.  We would have had to get an unsecured loan to put things right.

Still looking to buy our own place we decided to try again and found a house on the street where we now live.  Again, I had the urge to pull out and was nevermore thankful that we had when the owner was found dead.  It took a couple of years before the house was able to go back on the market and we would have been left high and dry.

Still determined to find somewhere we turned our attention to a place not far from where we live now.  It is a very popular place and houses don’t come up for sale that often.  In the meantime we were approached by a woman who wanted us to exchange with her.  It seemed the perfect solution and there was always the opportunity later on for us to buy the house.
In April 2001 we moved into our current house.

The following year the bottom collapsed out of our world when DH get really sick and was given 6 months to live.  His aortic valve was severely damaged and he would die within 6 months if it was not replaced.  DH hasn’t been able to work since August 2002.  He had his heart valve replaced in April 2003 and he hoped to return to work in the autumn of that year.  But his heart became so enlarged while he was waiting for the surgery that would save his life that it became damaged, with one side not working very effectively now.  He also has a damaged artery – this was picked up on in 2002/2003 but is only starting to get worse now.
I also had to quit work to care for him and just when I thought I might get back to work my own health deteriorated.  I am now unable to work because of arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Call it synchronicity, call it fate, call it what you will, something was at work when we were looking to buy a house.  No matter what we did things went wrong but that worked out better for us as we would have got into serious debt with the first house and would have left out of pocket had we gone through with the second one.  And when DH got sick we would have had to sell up and accept a rented house anywhere had we gone ahead and waited for a house to become available in the area we had considered next.

Something saved us at that time.