Keeping sane.

November has always been a difficult month for me, not for any particular reason, it’s just that I always feel really angsty during this month.  People assume us witches have no worries whatsoever, like we can magickally make those worries and troubles disappear.  Now wouldn’t that be great?
I have always turned to music whenever I am feeling stressed and wrung out, whether that be meditative music, music to chill me out, or my beloved pop.

I have a blog that I update every day called my life in music, you can find it here:

my music blog

It has been really therapeutic during what has been a really difficult time.  I have found some real gems when searching you tube for songs that have been stuck in my head.  A few days ago I got to thinking about party music and decided to brighten my blog – or maybe that should read, annoy everyone – with those really cheesy party songs that we all love to hate.  I have had great fun looking them up I can tell you.
You should go check my music blog out and have a good laugh at my awesome taste in music.