Spreading the love day.

I am the sort of person who always procrastinates about doing good.  It isn’t that I am a meanie, it’s more to do with everything I say I am going to do gets swamped by crisis after crisis and endless stress.  But now I am being pro-active with my stress management I thought it was high time I got my act together with regards to sharing that universal love we all seem so fond of.

Rather than bend over backwards to help everyone I come into contact with, and knacker myself in the process, I am going to have a day where I actively seek to do good turns.  I will try my best to blog about this, to encourage myself to remember to keep it going, but you know how my memory is.
I could easily do one small thing everyday, but as I have just said, it would get swamped by all the nonsense that rears itself in my life.  If I do this sharing the love day once a week and blog about it, then I will be encouraged to  automatically do it once a week and then hopefully all of the time.
For my first sharing the love day I am going to let other drivers out into the stream of traffic.  This one is something I do quite often, but there are times when I am in such a hurry I just whizz on past and then feel mean.  So every time I am out in the car today I aim to be sharing some universal love.

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