More sharing the love.

I had every intention of sticking to my word and sharing some universal love yesterday.  Only it didn’t go according to plan.  Not long after I left the house I had my first opportunity, only I had managed to forget what I had planned.  I had very little sleep on Sunday night, eventually falling asleep around 2am.  I was supposed to get up no later than 7.30am but it was later than that and I got myself way behind.

As soon as I had sailed past the first car waiting to pull out I remembered what I had planned.  I was determined to see this through so looked for more waiting cars on the rest of my journey. 

I encountered none!

I couldn’t believe this and decided that since I wasn’t going out anymore that day, I would carry this on today.  Not only did I remember to do this today, I also encountered many cars that I was able to let out into the flow of traffic, or turn off the main road.

I am hoping that I will remember to do this kind of thing more often now and I am also going to look at other areas where I can share some universal love.  I think the track for me is to start slow, then the changes will come…eventually.