Being thanfukl.

I think that everyone knows it is Thanksgiving in the USA today.  Here in the UK we don’t have anything like that, which I personally think is a shame.  I get that we shouldn’t need a specific day to feel thankful for anything but having that specific day reminds us to take time out and give thanks.  I am not in that particular camp, you know, the one where we get all arsey over Valentine’s Day or Mother’s/Father’s Day etc.  Life is hectic for the majority of us whether we like it or not and we can all get caught up in that, so much so that we do forget to appreciate our loved ones or be thankful. 

For that very reason I am going to be giving thanks today for my family, the opportunities I have been given this year, for “stuff” that makes my life that little bit easier.  It isn’t difficult to take a little time out to give thanks and whether we should do this more frequently is irrelevant, the important thing is to be thankful and show our appreciation.

Mercury Retrograde is coming.

We get it 3 times a year and the planet rules communication and travel and so forth.  When it goes into reverse delays are inevitable, but this doesn’t just suddenly happen on the day the retrograde begins.  In the build up to that day you can begin to feel the slow down.  For me that sort of thing has been prevalent this week – and it’s only Tuesday!

I also think I have confusion over the day that Mercury goes into reverse, I believed it to be Friday, but lots of people are talking about Thursday.  Just for clarity I am going to check this out,  but it doesn’t really matter in the long run.

I often find that the worst of delays and miscommunications come in the days leading up to the actual retrograde day.  Once we get into the thick of Mercury in reverse we kind of get used to the delays and mix ups etc.  If you find this kind of problem arising in your life this week, you know who the culprit is.

People also assume that once the day of Mercury turning direct arrives – which is December 13th this time round – the delays and such stop.  This isn’t the case, you can sometimes feel movement just before the direct day, but for things to be back on an even keel usually takes a couple of weeks.

Like I said in a previous post, we fair better during these times if we go with the flow and recognise this is a time for delays and such, and do our best to weather the storm by using our time wisely, then Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have as much bite to it.

Just go with the flow.