New Moon Blessings.

It’s the new moon today, a time for new beginnings.  Incidentally, this period of time is not auspicious for people with low blood pressure and/or depression – this I found out from an app on my android.  I’m not sure what truth there is in that, but my DH suffers from low blood pressure as a side effect of a beta blocker he has to take for his heart.  He always gets really grouchy around the new moon.

Whatever truth there is in things such as that, one thing is certain and that is the moon does affect us all on an emotional level.  Women have their moontime – their period – and for those of us who do not take contraception we often find that we have our moontime at a certain stage of the moon’s cycle.

There is a belief that a woman who has her moontime during the full moon can work some seriously powerful magick, though this is something I cannot verify.

So, tonight give a blessing to the moon and mnake plans, for now is the time for successful planning.  Start working for those things you want to bring into your life.

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