Taking time out.

Not all of us witches only celebrate Yule.  There are good many of us who, for whatever reason, celebrate Xmas with our families.  If like me you have other gatherings to attend over the festive period you can find yourself becoming very frazzled very quickly.

Don’t forget to take time out for yourself whenever you can.  I find it invaluable as I do find holiday family time quite trying.  The easiest way to do this is to have a long soak in your bath.  If this is out of the question, or even if you have done this, you can also meditate – it doesn’t have to be a long meditation, a few minutes visualising yourself in a peaceful setting can do wonders for our frazzled nerves.

Go on, have a few minutes to yourself, you’ve earned it.

Being grateful.

At our shindig yesterday the topic of awful Xmas presents came up.  It would seem almost everybody receives a gift that they truly loathe.  I don’t though.  I often find myself wondering what the person was thinking when they bought such an item, but over the years I have learnt to appreciate every gift I receive.

Any unwanted gifts, or maybe that should read any gifts I have no use for personally, I either give to a friend or family member becuase they need it much more, or I keep it for a gift for another person for their birthday, Xmas etc.  Sometimes I have even donated these items to a charity – they can definitely use them.

It can seem quite insulting when you receive a really awful gift, but before you hit the roof and blow a gasket with the gift giver think about how else you can use the gift.  And if you really feel you want to receive something from the gift giver, you can always treat yourself to something inexpensive instead; a cup of coffee at a coffee shop, or have a meal or takeaway. Of course you may be happy knowing that your donation of the gift has brought joy to someone else.

Practising gratitude in such a way does wonders for your self esteem, you really do feel a sense of having done something wonderful.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is magickal, no matter what faith you have.  It may be manic in the town centres and shopping centres across the world right now, but if we put the shopping aside for one minute and think about what we are celebrating at this time of year – whether it be over the Yule period or now at Christmas time.  It’s all about family and loved ones coming together and celebrating our togetherness and that is what matters.

This song is my favourite Xmas song.

Holiday Season

I had hoped to do a fair amount of blogging over the next few days, in keeping with my 366 days of witchery.  Alas, my plans have been scuppered, so instead I am improvising, just like a good witch, and will use a cheat.  I will share one or two of my favourite holiday songs – from my other blog – as Christmas would not be the same without the wonderful songs we love to hate – actually I love most of them.

To get us in the festive mood I have chosen this one by Paul McCartney for today’s post.

Yule Magic Blog Party

It isn’t very often, here in the far north of England, that we get a bright day on the midwinter solstice.  Usually it is pretty much wet and dark – as my photo shows.  It can feel pretty depressing too, the days have been getting shorter, the nights longer and it is pretty cold.  
Today we celebrate the return of the sun, the nights will start to decrease as the daylight increases from now on.  It is most definitely a day to celebrate, so join me by raising your glasses/cups to the returning light and let us all be filled with peace, happiness and prosperity.
mulled wine
I also give you the gift of hope, at these dark times we can often feel quite despondent and it is easy to get swamped by the holiday season, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  The dark days and long nights can really play havoc with our emotions and we could all use a little hope  right now.

Z is for………


This word means to have the form or shape of an animal, for instance when a witch shape shifts.

Y is for…….


Yantra is a word, phrase or verse used as a sacred formula in meditation and witchcraft.

X is for…….


Tough letter to find anything on, but I did discover this Goddess.  She is the ever young and pretty Goddess of flowers, love, pleasure and beauty.

W is for……..

………..witchcraft.  The craft of a witch, by harnessing energies to bring about change to one’s circumstances.  Also the creation of spells and potions and the like to bring about a change.