M is for……


The Muses are the Goddesses who inspire us in our creativity.  They are the daughters – there are 9 of them – of Zeus and Mnemosyne.  The 9 Muses are:

Calliope – muse of epic poetry.
Clio       – muse of history.
Erato    – muse of love poetry.
Euterpe – muse of song and Elegiac poetry.
Melpomene – muse of tragedy.
Polyhymnia  – muse of hymns.
Terpsichore – muse of dance.
Thalia        – muse of comedy.
Urania    – muse of astronomy.

When we are wanting to create a fantastic piece of writing, or other creative piece, we should call upon the relevant muse to help us in our endeavour.

L is for…..

……the Lord and Lady.

Many witches will refer to their chosen deity as Lord and Lady.  For some this will be out of respect, for others still this may be because they honour more than one Goddess and God, and for others it may be that they have yet to find an affinity with any particular deity but they still believe in the Lord and Lady and so referring to them as such gives them the respect they deserve.

Reading Challenge.

2012 Pagan Reading ChallengeThis seems like the best idea ever to me.  I really am a bookworm and just love my pagan/witchy themed books, so what better way to share my love for such things than with other like minded folks and a book reading challenge.
You can get involved too at the blog of Mrs B, by clicking here.