P is for…….

………personal responsibility.

Not so much what you would expect to find in an A-Z of witchcraft, but I think this is a very important aspect of one’s craft.  Whatever you send out you should accept responsibility for that energy.  The same goes for absolutely anything that you do in the name of witchcraft.  It’s no use saying you cast a spell on someone because you read it in a book, the fact of the matter is you made the choice to act out what you read, therefore you are responsible for whatever happens next.

In this day and age we hear so much about people passing the buck when it comes to taking responsibility for their actions.  I absolutely hate that.  As witches we need to be aware of what we send out, in whatever shape or form, and we need to be woman/man enough to accept responsibility, even if something unpleasant happens as a result.

Personal responsibility is something we need to face in all walks of life, but especially so in witchcraft.