Yule Magic Blog Party

It isn’t very often, here in the far north of England, that we get a bright day on the midwinter solstice.  Usually it is pretty much wet and dark – as my photo shows.  It can feel pretty depressing too, the days have been getting shorter, the nights longer and it is pretty cold.  
Today we celebrate the return of the sun, the nights will start to decrease as the daylight increases from now on.  It is most definitely a day to celebrate, so join me by raising your glasses/cups to the returning light and let us all be filled with peace, happiness and prosperity.
mulled wine
I also give you the gift of hope, at these dark times we can often feel quite despondent and it is easy to get swamped by the holiday season, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed.  The dark days and long nights can really play havoc with our emotions and we could all use a little hope  right now.

Z is for………


This word means to have the form or shape of an animal, for instance when a witch shape shifts.