To cast or not.

This is a topic that I read about all of the time, do we cast if we aren’t feeling 100%?

I think this is a personal thing, if you feel you can draw enough energy and focus it on what you are working on, and so long as you don’t harm yourself in the process, then I don’t see why not.  You know yourself better than anybody else, you know what you are capable of and what your limits are.

For me having a chronic illness means it is highly unlikely that I am ever going to feel 100% OK.  If I waited until I was absolutely fine then I would never cast anything, read cards, work for anyone etc.  I would have yo give up my practice and this wouldn’t suit me at all.  From my own personal point of view, I know when I feel at my best for working and when I feel there is absolutely no way I will manage to summon up what is needed.  Surprisingly the latter rarely happens.

I read somewhere that your energy can be toxic if you aren’t well, but this doesn’t feel like the truth to me.  It feels like one of those long winded theories that have never actually been proven, or disproven.  Again, I think you need to decide for yourself what you can and will have ago at and when is the best time for you, illness or not.

I have been thinking about this because recently I have been pretty well, but this past couple of weeks I have been having a flare up.  I am not sleeping well – I haven’t slept properly for a long time now – and I have that hit by a truck feeling almost all of the time, that feeling that someone has pulled the plug on my energy.  If you have Fibro/CFS/ME etc you’ll know what I mean, if you don’t have this or know of anyone with one of these illnesses then the best explanation is that feeling you get when you have the flu.  I’m talking the proper flu here, not a virus that lasts for a couple of days.  If you have had the flu good and proper you’ll know about it.  You’ll also know that achy, sore, lethargic feeling that you get, well that’s kind of what the exhaustion associated with these chronic illnesses feels like, but only a 100 times worse.
Anyway, I’m getting good at knowing my triggers and knowing when stress is going to factor in my life.  I’m getting good at having the kind of lifestyle where I have to spend oodles of time resting, or sleeping, or just feeling meh.  I am getting awesome at working around this illness and know when I have enough energy to work magick.  I think that my results prove my energy isn’t toxic and that I am working well.

I think we need to concentrate on our own energies and focus, we need to trust our own judgement in these matters.


At this time of the year my thoughts are turning to my garden.  Not being in the best of health means I need quite a lot of help in my gaeden.  Usually at this time I plant my seeds out, into pots,or straight into the ground.  This year all I can see are delays.  Theses delays comein the shape of wood and branches from trees.  My mother’s neighbour got a new fence installed a couple of weeks back and offered us the wood for our fire.  DH was eager for us to have it along with the tree branches they were trimming back.  I wasn’t so keen as we are already overrun with firewood, but we have it and it is in our back garden, cluttering up the area where I would sow my seeds.

I’ve been quite cross about this wood, just dumped in my garden, hampering my plans.  This subject has been a bone of contention between DH  and I.  But yesterday during my reflective day I realised that it doesn’t matter if the wood is moved before Imbolc, which is what I was requesting, just as long as it’s done soon.  All I need is a little patience.

Patience is something we need to nurture in the craft,it is very important.  Without it we would undoubtedly do plenty ofthings we regret; say what we shouldn’t and hurt people.  Having patience allows us to think things through. It gives us much needed time and space to do what is right.  I’d just forgotten about it.


Today is the birthday of the Roman Goddess Pax.  Pax is the goddess of peace and her day is known as Concordia – a day of harmony.

I think it is quite apt that this day has fallen on a Sunday – my day for renewing my spirit.  It is an excellent time to bask in tranquility and peace.  I plan to spend it pampering myself, meditating and relaxing.  I have had a very busy few days, also a bit on the stressful side too. I think a day of quiet reflection is in order, thus giving me the chance to see where I go from here in a certain situation.

366 Days of witchery, reminder.

Today I was reminded of why I am doing 366 days of witchery.  I was asked why I am intent on doing another A-Z series and I replied that I was going over all things magick and witchy for my own private challenge.  The person asking seemed a bit off with my answer and I almost felt obliged to not bother doing my upcoming A-Z.
But then I got thinking about how this journey is personal to me, not about anyone else and yeah, OK, it’s shared on my blog, but it’s still a personal journey.

I decided to blog about this journey so that I could look back over the year and see how far I have come.  I guess what I write isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, most stuff has been covered before by others, probably in a lot more depth.  I’m not looking for depth in 366, I’m looking for reminders of why I love being a witch.  And I know I say this all of the time, but when you suffer two losses really close together you question everything, especially yourself and your own mortality and you end up in a bad place and need to put your life back together.  That’s why personal challenges like this are important.  I’m not looking for blog awards, or writing gigs, I’m doing all of this for personal reasons.  If I wanted to write it professionally I would; if I wanted to give the subject matter more depth then I would – some subjects will be covered again in more depth, I daresay.

The A-Z allows me to go through a particular area and look at the different aspects of that area, not in great depth but in the way I want to remind myself – hence the purpose of this year and day thing.  It’s my personal journey, nothing more.

Dreams and gut feelings.

I have probably discussed this subject way too many times on various blogs of mine, but it is the one constant thing in my life.  I am human just like everyone else and I get things wrong, at times.  For important stuff I try to rely on my gut feeling, I may use divination, and I try to use common sense as much as possible.  But still I get things wrong.
That’s why when I am having dreams about certain issues and the signs are indicating which way I should go I am apt to follow these signs.  Dreams help us solve issues, guide us to the right path we should be on and can show us answers to questions that baffle us.

Quite often people will get a recurring theme in their dreams, not necessarily the same symbols, signs, etc, but definitely the same theme.  This would be our inner self trying to alert us to something that we need to be paying attention to.  Some people are aware of what is happening but then get confused when they start reading the dream interpretation books.  Some books differ on their meanings for certain objects and this can leave a person even more confused.
I interpret dreams by looking at the symbols and then thinking about what each symbol means to me.  Something like a corridor is universal in its meaning; it represents moving from one stage of life to another, but it can also mean moving from one area – i.e. in regards to your home or your career, or even a relationship – to another.
And when people dream of former homes they tend to think it is about the past.  It can be that, but it can also be something more specific, like how was life when you lived there?  Or what troubles did you have?  What did you love about living there, or hate?  Generally when we dream we are dreaming about solutions and answers to current situations in our lives.  Yes, we can have prophetic dreams too, but usually you will know the difference between them and the more run of the mill, everyday dreams.

Right now I have a real gut feeling about something, as well as having dreams indicating what the right thing to do is.  I trust this more than I would a tarot reading, or using a pendulum and for that reason alone I am going to follow my hunch.

Goddess Of The Month – Brigid. Pagan Blog Project B week 2

The Goddess month of Brigid runs from January 23rd to February 19th and takes in the Sabbat of Imbolc.  Brigid is associated with healing, physicians, agriculture, learning, inspiration, poetry, divination, prophecy, occult knowledge, abundance and fertility.  She is also associated with livestock and domesticated animals.

As the Goddess of regeneration it is quite fitting that Imbolc falls during her month.  Imbolc marks the early spring, a time of rejuvenation and regeneration.  This month we can look to areas of our lives that are becoming stale and rejuvenate them, calling on the Goddess for her blessings and help.
We can perform blessings for our pets, or livestock if we keep it.

The one thing I always do, if not at Imbolc, then usually before the end of February, is to sow my seeds for the garden.  I think that the energies are just right for successful growth at this time.  We can also plant seeds of inspiration now, we can ask that Brigid bless our ventures – and our actual seeds.

There are so many possibilities this month, let Brigid shower her blessings upon you.

Z is for………


Zaramamma is a corn and grain Goddess and no matter how hard I try I cannot get the image of a farmer’s wife out of my head.  I have been unable to find very little credible info on this Goddess, so am unable to elaborate much further.  Again, if anyone does know anything about this Goddess I would love to hear about it.

Y is for…….


Yemaya is Goddess of the living ocean, some say Mother of all.  An African Goddess.  It is believed that she can cure infertility in women.  The Cowrie shell represents her.
Yemaya is said to wear seven skirts, which represent the seven seas.  She is said to be slow to anger, but when she does it is violent, think Tsunamis and other violent storms at sea.

With all of this in mind I imagine a huge – not fat, just a towering figure – mermaid type figure, wearing Cowrie shells in her hair.  I see her rising up and engulfing ships, entire towns and causing a huge amount of damage once she is angered.  But when she is being of gentle nature I see her sitting on a rock, far out to sea, basking in the sun and watching over those who worship her.

X is for…….


I have no idea how that is pronounced!

She is the Goddess of erotic love, maize, vegetation,  artistry and prostitutes.  The image of a Dominatrix comes to mind here.

W is for……..


I have been unable to find a Goddess beginning with the letter W, but if anyone does know of one then please let me know!

I am going to come across all cliched here and say that all women are Goddesses.  Come on, you know it makes sense.  We are adored and worshipped by our men/women/families.  We are amazing in the fact that we nourish new life within us and bring it into the world.  We nurture that new life once it is born and tend to it, helping it grow.
We can do a million things – not literally 😉 – at once and still manage to have babies, keep house, work at jobs.  We are truly amazing and we deserve to be pampered and worshipped and adored by our lovers and children and families.

We are all Goddesses.