Celtic Tree months.

I’ve had a go at including these once before and then got out of the habit.  The idea behind including this theme – and the Goddess month theme – on the blog is to take advantage of the energies they provide.  Each month has a particular theme to it and throughout that month we can utilise the energies for ourselves.

The current Celtic tree month is Birch/Beth.  It runs from December 24th to January 20th.  This is a time of rebirth – in keeping with the winter solstice, which is the time of rebirth – it is a time for looking forward, to the growing light.  Traditionally we work for creativity and fertility now.  Also healing and protection.  It is said that magick performed during this month is quite potent so now would be a good time to spell for positive changes in your life, or for spellwork aimed at shifting problems and so on.

I’ve heard it said that these beneficial energies are only present around the time of the tree month’s full moon, but I don’t believe that.  I would imagine that the energies are more potent at this particular time – as with any kind of energies – but the month as a whole will have the specific energies stated.

Goddess Of The Month.

I’m not entirely sure when I first came across the Goddess of the month theme.  Neither is it something I have been a regular follower of.  But given my motto for 2012 is to encompass all sorts of wonderful ideas to improve, enhance and enrich my life, I thought it was something I might include on my blog.

The current Goddess month actually began on December 26th and runs to January 22nd and it is the month of Hestia – or Vesta.  Hestia governs the hearth and home and this seems fitting given that we spend a lot of time at home during this time.

Hestia is the first born daughter of Cronus and Rhea.  She is the Goddess of ordinary folk and teaches us the values of family life, among other things.  With the Yuletide season all but behind us now we are very conscious of family time.  We may have just had a wonderful few days of togetherness and may be feeling a little bit lost now the festive season is behind us.  Or maybe we are glad to see the back of this particular season, with all the stresses and strains that spending so much time with our families can bring.

Welcoming Hestia into our lives can be very beneficial for either reason.  If you are apt to miss the togetherness that the Yuletide season brings, then perhaps Hestia can help you remain close to your family all year round.  Just because the festivities are done and dusted for another year doesn’t mean we can’t see our loved ones and spend quality time with them.
By asking Hestia to bless us with the love of our family we can enjoy the close bonds we share during the festive time all year round.  Or, if you have just closed the door on a pretty stressful festive period, full of family tension and arguments, then maybe Hestia could help ease those stresses and strains.  By calling upon her to bless our families we can learn to be more accepting and loving during such times.  We can learn to heal the pain that may have festered in the family unit for a long time.  We can learn to appreciate our families, warts and all, and discover how best to deal with those argumentative relatives who often leave us feeling like we want to throttle them.

Use the blessings of Hestia this month to bring peace, love and unity to your family.

An idea from Lyn.

As it’s New Year and many of us are making new plans, goals and so on I thought I would share this brilliant idea with you that Lyn over at Witch Blog has come up with.  We all have done it/do it, say we are going to make changes in our lives, at some point, whether it be Samhain or this New Year.  How many of us feel so overwhelmed by the lists we make?  How many of us set so many challenges for ourselves that ii is nigh on impossible to actually achieve them all, let alone stick to what we wish?

I am so guilty of this very thing.  It isn’t so bad with the goals I set myself at Samhain, but the goals I set for the new calendar always seem difficult for me to keep and I end up writing a list as long as my arm, determined that this year I will achieve all, but generally failing.  So this idea of changing one thing at a time really struck a chord with me and really piqued my interest.
I’m not entirely sure if I will be downloading the pages that Lyn has created, maybe I will just incorporate this idea into my life as best I can.

You can find out all about the wonderful idea here.

Happy January folks.

Another A – Z series.

This time I am doing an A- Z of Goddesses, but there will be a slight difference.  Recently I read a blog post about giving deity a modern twist  – can’t remember whose and I can’t find a link to it, so if anyone reading this knows who it was then contact me and I will credit the person whose wonderful idea it was.  This really appealed to me and I just couldn’t resist doing this series.

Quite often when we need to call upon deity, we find it hard to envisage what they will look like.  Even if we can picture them in our mind’s eye, we find it difficult to relate to them as they seem so distant to us, so far removed from our reality.  This is why I think giving them a modern twist is an awesome idea, not only will it help me relate more to deity, but it will also help me understand them a little better.

So, A is for Artemis.

Artemis, to me, has always been a warrior type Goddess.  Typically she is called upon for protection.  This gives me a mental image of someone like Piper Halliwell from Charmed, or maybe even Xena the Princess Warrior, but obviously that isn’t who she is.  A modern day Artemis is going to be typically a strong woman – just like the two examples I mentioned – she will fight hard for us if we invoke her, she is pretty fierce and can be relied upon to protect us.
I see her as a very independent lady who needs no helping hand from anyone.  She is more than capable of looking after herself – no matter what comes  up.  If she were walking amongst us she would be fighting for causes such as Animal Welfare, Children’s rights, the rights of women and environmental causes.  She would be an excellent ally for women, children, animals and the earth.  Fiercely protective of her charges, not someone to be messed with if crossed.

I see her as wearing clothing that is suited to her campaigning; denims, or perhaps black jeans and a t. shirt.  Also, I can’t help but see her with a bow and arrow on her back, perhaps with a knife of some sort tucked into her boots.