An idea from Lyn.

As it’s New Year and many of us are making new plans, goals and so on I thought I would share this brilliant idea with you that Lyn over at Witch Blog has come up with.  We all have done it/do it, say we are going to make changes in our lives, at some point, whether it be Samhain or this New Year.  How many of us feel so overwhelmed by the lists we make?  How many of us set so many challenges for ourselves that ii is nigh on impossible to actually achieve them all, let alone stick to what we wish?

I am so guilty of this very thing.  It isn’t so bad with the goals I set myself at Samhain, but the goals I set for the new calendar always seem difficult for me to keep and I end up writing a list as long as my arm, determined that this year I will achieve all, but generally failing.  So this idea of changing one thing at a time really struck a chord with me and really piqued my interest.
I’m not entirely sure if I will be downloading the pages that Lyn has created, maybe I will just incorporate this idea into my life as best I can.

You can find out all about the wonderful idea here.

Happy January folks.

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  1. Lyn Thurman says:

    Thanks for this post, Sue.I really, really appreciate your support and helping to 'get it out there'. I'm just as guilty as you are for making goals that never come to fruition so the more support the better.Let's make all the little changes so 2012 is the best year ever!


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