Another A – Z series.

This time I am doing an A- Z of Goddesses, but there will be a slight difference.  Recently I read a blog post about giving deity a modern twist  – can’t remember whose and I can’t find a link to it, so if anyone reading this knows who it was then contact me and I will credit the person whose wonderful idea it was.  This really appealed to me and I just couldn’t resist doing this series.

Quite often when we need to call upon deity, we find it hard to envisage what they will look like.  Even if we can picture them in our mind’s eye, we find it difficult to relate to them as they seem so distant to us, so far removed from our reality.  This is why I think giving them a modern twist is an awesome idea, not only will it help me relate more to deity, but it will also help me understand them a little better.

So, A is for Artemis.

Artemis, to me, has always been a warrior type Goddess.  Typically she is called upon for protection.  This gives me a mental image of someone like Piper Halliwell from Charmed, or maybe even Xena the Princess Warrior, but obviously that isn’t who she is.  A modern day Artemis is going to be typically a strong woman – just like the two examples I mentioned – she will fight hard for us if we invoke her, she is pretty fierce and can be relied upon to protect us.
I see her as a very independent lady who needs no helping hand from anyone.  She is more than capable of looking after herself – no matter what comes  up.  If she were walking amongst us she would be fighting for causes such as Animal Welfare, Children’s rights, the rights of women and environmental causes.  She would be an excellent ally for women, children, animals and the earth.  Fiercely protective of her charges, not someone to be messed with if crossed.

I see her as wearing clothing that is suited to her campaigning; denims, or perhaps black jeans and a t. shirt.  Also, I can’t help but see her with a bow and arrow on her back, perhaps with a knife of some sort tucked into her boots.

2 thoughts on “Another A – Z series.

  1. Artemis was my patronness for about 20 years. She is a wonderful Goddess to have in one's life. When I became a mother, she very gently pushed me out from beneath her care and I found another. But Artemis was not at all mean about it. She knew it was time for me to connect with another patronness. ^.^


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