B is for…….


OK, so I am jumping pantheons here, but isn’t that what being an eclectic witch is all about?

Anyway, Bast is a deity I am pretty familiar with, I have 3 cats and have had to call upon her once or twice.  Bast is also associated with women and with sex and dance and joy and frivolity.  This conjures up images of a tall, slender woman with long, glossy hair and green eyes.   Sleek, elegant, graceful,  I see her as being able to move around soundlessly, just think how a cat can just seem as though it has suddenly appeared beside you because you never heard it walking up to you.  I see her as being playful in her nature when surrounded by familiar faces, but if crossed her mood changes instantly, like that of a pouncing tiger or cat.  If you have a cat you know how it is, if you pick them up when they would rather you didn’t they will just about have your eye out.

It is said that if anyone harms a cat then they will invoke the wrath of Bast.  Bast does come across as a pretty lady, with her glossy good looks and her sleek appearance, but just like all felines she has a cruel streak and it comes naturally to her to use it if crossed.

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