C is for……


I can never think of this Goddess without the image of her morphing, mid-air, into the various creatures from the tale of Talesin.

Cerridwen is a Celtic moon Goddess and her special areas are magic, fertility, death, rebirth, regeneration, inspiration.  With the exception of this morphi’ng Goddess who is chasing Gwion, I actually cannot get a visual on her whatsoever.  However I do have a friend who really does remind me of Cerridwen and so I tend to visualise her but with the morphing abilities if I need to bring up an image of this Goddess.

I haven’t really got a look for Cerridwen that would do her justice, given my struggle with the visuals.  Modernising her look is goiong to be full of cliches, so I guess the easiest way to keep it simple would be to imagine any mother from this – 21st century – era and picture that archetype doing whatever it takes to be the best for her children.
This is how i think of Cerridwen, doing what was needed for her son and going all out to get it’ even chasing Gwion and morphing into the different creatures in order to catch him.  I guess it helps us mother’s to know that even Goddesses do all they can for their kids, even changing who they are to save and protect them.

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