D is for……….

……..Demeter, the Earth Goddess.

I have an oracle set of Goddess cards and it asks you to answer a few questions and then gives you the name of the Goddess that you most closely resemble.  I got Demeter and Kali, apparently some people do show traits of more than one Goddess.

Demeter controls the wheel of the year, she is the Earth Mother.  We have all probably heard the story of how Demeter mourns for her daughter, Persephone, while she is in the Underworld with Hades.  During this time Demeter becomes depressed without her daughter and life comes to a standstill – as in the earth becomes still and frozen.
I can relate to this, when something is wrong with my family (as in DH, the DD’s or DS) I switch off from everything and completely focus on solving what needs to be solved.  Life as we know it ceases to exist.  As a mother I am the centre of my family and I keep our lives in balance, but when everything goes pear-shaped I retreat, just as Demeter did, and normal life becomes barren and still.

Demeter as a modern woman would be wearing floaty skirts and dresses – this is how I see her .  She has a full figure and wants to nurture everyone and everything, as her role as Earth Mother predicts.  Everything about her is loose and flowing and natural.  I see her as a bit of a hippy, but when Persephone goes to the underworld she lets herself go.  Her appearance becomes shabby, just as the Earth becomes barren.
To me, Demeter is mother personified.

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