Week 1.

The first week of this year is now over, in fact we have entered the second week.  I made myself promises, as you know, towards the latter end of 2011.  So far I have not gotten distracted from my aims for the coming year and that is to be applauded, by me anyway.
I wanted to focus on my writing again.  When I say writing, I do mean novel writing and not writing for features etc, although if that opportunity ever arose I wouldn’t say no.  I have so much stuff, mostly first drafts a quarter and half way written and they take up so much space on my external hard drive and memory sticks that I could have at least one potential book in there.
My aim for the first part of the year is to sift through them all and see what sets the creative mind alight.  Then I had that dream, you know, we all have them – I think – a dream where you just know you have to do a certain something – and I honed in on one particular story line.  This has kept me busy until now and everything else has been pushed onto the back burner.  I have to say I am really pleased with the progress I have made this week and I look forward to more of the same over the coming weeks.

None of this would have been possible for me if I hadn’t lost my way last year.  I decided towards the end of the year that I was going to make things happen for myself and I have been slowly building up to that.  Then when the dream occurred I knew it was time to get back into all things crazy and write and write and write.

I also think that these challenges that I have gotten interested in have helped also.  They have been a focus for me, a reminder to do what I promised myself I would and without them I would probably still be procrastinating.  I also think the determination of my friend Sally over at The Village Witch has helped me get my butt into gear.  She recently realised her dream and is living proof that dreams can and do come true.
I want to thank Sally and those bloggers who have come up with these wonderful challenges for kickstarting my writing.


I look forward to the week ahead and all the wonderful opportunities it will bring me.

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