K is for……….


As I mentioned in an earlier post, the one about Demeter, I have a pack of Goddess Cards and you have to answer some questions and this will give you your Goddess.  In some cases you can get two Goddess and I have Demeter and Kali.  Both clearly opposites, but I do think it describes me; on the one hand I am caring and nurturing and would do anything for my children, but on the other hand I am fiery and not afraid of my dark side, and not afraid to use it, come what may.

With all of this in mind I see Kali as she is in the book that accompanies the card pack, dark and wild and dangerous.  I see her in people like me, women who are strong and warrior types.  We fight tooth and nail to overcome the obstacles that life throws at us and we fight and challenge those who unfairly oppose us.  If we are given a hard time we will rise up and fight for what is right.  We are not afraid to go all out for what we believe in and we will, quite often have to face danger to overcome what we are fighting against.

The description in the book describes Kali as the sort of woman people either love or hate.  This is so me!  It describes those as Kali Goddesses as “the mother who confronts the abuser of her child”, again, after DD1 was raped at the age of 12 I would have torn that man limb from limb if I had gotten hold of him.  I would have killed him with my bare hands, and to this day – DD1 is 21 in a couple of weeks – I would still love to physically hurt that abuser.
The same could be said when DD2 was being bullied.  I fought everyday for justice, almost costing the headmaster his job, so furious was I with his incompetence – the head kept his job by the skin of his teeth BTW.
The description says that we, as Kali Goddess women, protect our families and those we love with the fierceness of a jungle cat.

So Kali with a modern twist is just any woman whose personal attributes match those of this awesome Goddess.