P is for…….


We all know the story about Persephone being kidnapped by Hades, who took her to the Underworld to be his bride.  We know how her mother, Demeter, was incandescent with rage and her bountiful nature was buried beneath her grief, causing the land to plunge into perpetual winter.

The story we know paints a picture of Persephone being a victim.  I have read stories that give different perspectives on Persephone, such as her secretly being in love with Hades and how she longs to be with him when she is with her mother during the spring and summer months.  But I have always thought that these were just a little too optimistic with regards to the story and the version we all know seems to be the correct one.

Given the view that we have of Persephone being the  victim, I always think of Andromeda from the original Clash Of The Titams film.  She always comes across as a helpless woman, the victim of circumstance.   I have an image of that particular character, as played by Judi Bowker in my mind when I think of Persephone.