Week 2.

Week 2 of the year was not as productive as I wanted it to be writing wise, but I achieved a lot in other areas.  I cannot really complain at that.  I am still focused on my goals, which is my aim and also the aim of my weekly updates on here.

January is often a difficult month for people but I am usually only feeling meh around the beginning of the month.  This year I have been fine, probably because I have kept busy and focused.  It also helps, in my opinion, that my eldest and youngest have birthdays during this month – one on the 15th (youngest) and the other on the 24th (eldest).  We also attended DD1’s best friend’s 21st at the weekend, so we have had plenty to look forward to on the social front this month.

With all of this new me, busy me going on I have been conscious of what is going to have to be sacrificed.  So far the only thing I have given up is Farmville.  I just haven’t had the time to go on the game and I am considering removing it from my FB.

Overall I am pretty impressed with myself for remaining so focused.  Long may it last.

O is for…..


It completely slipped my mind that I was supposed to include this brief post for the letter O.  I had been struggling to find any Goddess beginning with the letter O until I stumbled across Oshun.  I have no modern take on this Goddess, but I wanted to include her – and then completely forgot.


Oshun is an African Love Goddess, a Goddess of Beauty and Love.  We can call on her when we need blessings in these areas of our lives; she brings peace and satisfaction, trust and friendship and a safe harbour from life’s storms.
She brings you into harmony with yourself.

R is for ……


When I started this project I thought I knew a fair amount about the many different Goddesses, but actually I don’t.  I know enough about quite a few, and quite a lot about the two I “think” are most likely who I feel an affinity with – Demeter and Kali.
My not knowing isn’t such a problem, after all, 366 days of witchery is all about me reconnecting with my witchy side.

So,  Rhiannon is a Celtic Goddess.  An Earth Goddess, her associated areas are Enchantments, Fertility, dreams, magick, horses, birds, and the Underworld.  My first instinct when I think about a Goddess who is associated with the Underworld is to think of her as a dark, seductive temptress.  But the image I get in my mind’s eye of Rhiannon is at odds with that.  I imagine her to look similar to my friend’s daughter, Katherine.  Katherine is animal mad and is interested in saving everything.  She gets really angry when any animal is hurt, even insects which she isn’t particularly fond of.  Katherine is petite, with blond hair and blue eyes.  She is gently spoken and always laughing.

This is how I view Rhiannon.