B is for….. Pagan Blog Project.

Week 3 of the Pagan Blog Project and we are onto our first B post.

B is for the Celtic Tree Month of Birch, which ends today.  The Celts celebrated thirteen lunar months, all named after trees.  The current month, Birch, ends today. 

The current Celtic tree month is Birch/Beth.  It runs from December 24th to January 20th.  This is a time of rebirth – in keeping with the winter solstice, which is the time of rebirth – it is a time for looking forward, to the growing light, very apt at the beginning of the year. 

 Traditionally we work for creativity at this time.  Fertility is a focus during this month also, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we are working for getting pregnant.  It can represent the birth of new ideas, the planting of seeds for new ideas in our minds and out in the world.  

Protection magick is also highlighted during this month and I always think it is a good idea to redo any long term protection, such as elementals that you may have in place, or guardians.  It is said that magick performed during this month is quite potent so now would be a good time to spell for positive changes in your life, or for spellwork aimed at shifting problems and so on.

I’ve heard it said that these beneficial energies are only present around the time of the tree month’s full moon, but I don’t believe that.  I would imagine that the energies are more potent at this particular time – as with any kind of energies – but the month as a whole will have the specific energies stated.


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