Rowan month.

Today is the start of the Celtic Tree month of Rowan.  The Rowan tree is sacred to the Goddess Brigid and to the Druids.  It is good for protection, various charms can be made from this wood to ward off evil and the Rowan tree was planted in graveyards to prevent the dead from wandering.
It is also associated with astral travel, personal power and success.

During the Rowan month we can work for protection.  We can call upon the energy of the Rowan when we need clarity in our lives; this time of the year is fraught with us feeling jaded and disillusioned, we are well into the new year now and winter is still biting, it is only natural that we can feel low and in need of a boost.  Given that the Rowan is associated with personal power and success it is a good time to give ourselves a boost by reaffirming what we hope to achieve this coming year.

Imbolc falls during the Rowan month and this can give us hope.  The first signs of spring are beginning to show and we feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  The Rowan month is full of hope and promise, if only we look for it.

V is for……


The Goddess of love.  The ruler of the star sign Taurus and my favourite Goddess, although I don’t feel as though she is my patron Goddess which is quite strange.

A modern Venus is any woman who is using her feminine wiles to seduce her man.  But also any woman who makes the most of what she has, looks wise, body wise, intellectually.  Venus women embrace their femininity and are not ashamed of it, they maximise their lives by using what they have – i.e. their womanliness.
This is how I view a modern Venus, as all women at one point or another in their lives.