Dreams and gut feelings.

I have probably discussed this subject way too many times on various blogs of mine, but it is the one constant thing in my life.  I am human just like everyone else and I get things wrong, at times.  For important stuff I try to rely on my gut feeling, I may use divination, and I try to use common sense as much as possible.  But still I get things wrong.
That’s why when I am having dreams about certain issues and the signs are indicating which way I should go I am apt to follow these signs.  Dreams help us solve issues, guide us to the right path we should be on and can show us answers to questions that baffle us.

Quite often people will get a recurring theme in their dreams, not necessarily the same symbols, signs, etc, but definitely the same theme.  This would be our inner self trying to alert us to something that we need to be paying attention to.  Some people are aware of what is happening but then get confused when they start reading the dream interpretation books.  Some books differ on their meanings for certain objects and this can leave a person even more confused.
I interpret dreams by looking at the symbols and then thinking about what each symbol means to me.  Something like a corridor is universal in its meaning; it represents moving from one stage of life to another, but it can also mean moving from one area – i.e. in regards to your home or your career, or even a relationship – to another.
And when people dream of former homes they tend to think it is about the past.  It can be that, but it can also be something more specific, like how was life when you lived there?  Or what troubles did you have?  What did you love about living there, or hate?  Generally when we dream we are dreaming about solutions and answers to current situations in our lives.  Yes, we can have prophetic dreams too, but usually you will know the difference between them and the more run of the mill, everyday dreams.

Right now I have a real gut feeling about something, as well as having dreams indicating what the right thing to do is.  I trust this more than I would a tarot reading, or using a pendulum and for that reason alone I am going to follow my hunch.