366 Days of witchery, reminder.

Today I was reminded of why I am doing 366 days of witchery.  I was asked why I am intent on doing another A-Z series and I replied that I was going over all things magick and witchy for my own private challenge.  The person asking seemed a bit off with my answer and I almost felt obliged to not bother doing my upcoming A-Z.
But then I got thinking about how this journey is personal to me, not about anyone else and yeah, OK, it’s shared on my blog, but it’s still a personal journey.

I decided to blog about this journey so that I could look back over the year and see how far I have come.  I guess what I write isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, most stuff has been covered before by others, probably in a lot more depth.  I’m not looking for depth in 366, I’m looking for reminders of why I love being a witch.  And I know I say this all of the time, but when you suffer two losses really close together you question everything, especially yourself and your own mortality and you end up in a bad place and need to put your life back together.  That’s why personal challenges like this are important.  I’m not looking for blog awards, or writing gigs, I’m doing all of this for personal reasons.  If I wanted to write it professionally I would; if I wanted to give the subject matter more depth then I would – some subjects will be covered again in more depth, I daresay.

The A-Z allows me to go through a particular area and look at the different aspects of that area, not in great depth but in the way I want to remind myself – hence the purpose of this year and day thing.  It’s my personal journey, nothing more.

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