At this time of the year my thoughts are turning to my garden.  Not being in the best of health means I need quite a lot of help in my gaeden.  Usually at this time I plant my seeds out, into pots,or straight into the ground.  This year all I can see are delays.  Theses delays comein the shape of wood and branches from trees.  My mother’s neighbour got a new fence installed a couple of weeks back and offered us the wood for our fire.  DH was eager for us to have it along with the tree branches they were trimming back.  I wasn’t so keen as we are already overrun with firewood, but we have it and it is in our back garden, cluttering up the area where I would sow my seeds.

I’ve been quite cross about this wood, just dumped in my garden, hampering my plans.  This subject has been a bone of contention between DH  and I.  But yesterday during my reflective day I realised that it doesn’t matter if the wood is moved before Imbolc, which is what I was requesting, just as long as it’s done soon.  All I need is a little patience.

Patience is something we need to nurture in the craft,it is very important.  Without it we would undoubtedly do plenty ofthings we regret; say what we shouldn’t and hurt people.  Having patience allows us to think things through. It gives us much needed time and space to do what is right.  I’d just forgotten about it.