Imbolc Blessings.

Imbolc, the time of the Goddess Brigid, is upon us once more.  It is a time for blessing our seeds and gardening tools and as already discussed, I am having to have patience where this is concerned.

Something else I tend to do, starting now and finishing by Eostre, is spring cleaning.  I used to do this all in one fell swoop but now with my health problems that is not possible.  So I start at Imbolc getting ready for spring.  Usually this entails clearing up any clutter left over from Yule, usually there isn’t any, but sometimes the odd thing will turn up.  It can be a slow process of what DH calls deep cleaning and often does take us until Eostre.  However, we have recently go one of those steam mops and it arrived today – rather good timing I thought.  So, with the mop, we steam cleaned our laminate floors downstairs.  We steam cleaned our bathroom and kitchen.  We steam cleaned some of the stair carpet…….and we would have continued into the bedrooms had we not felt just a little knackered.

I have to say, the mop is easy to use and I am only feeling knackered because we got carried away with it.  I am really impressed with how good it is.  Ever since we got laminate flooring laid downstairs it has been a battle and half keeping it clean.  With five people and five animals living here, not to mention the various visitors who traipse through, the floor often look dirty really quickly.  And now we have the open fire we get quite a lot of ash/soot off the wood we burn, so this adds to the floor looking grubby.  No amount of mopping, with any cleaning solution, made them look any better.

Until today.

The hall floor in particular looks really good and I have to say my house has a light and airy feel.  Yes, I know, quite a silly thing to say, but the house feels as if stagnant energies have been lifted away.  I guess it could be said that the laminate floor was holding onto some dirt and therefore energies were stagnating there, thus creating negativity.  With this in mined I feel as if I have performed some sort of Imbolc ritual and that pleases me.
Later on I will be doing an Imbolc meditation that will focus on spring cleaning in my life, areas that have become stagnant and will benefit from a bit of spring cleaning, welcoming back the light and so on.