A – Z of mythical creatures.

I thought I would do this next series on mythical creatures.

What is a mythical creature?
A mythical creature is something that has never been proven to actually exist, but we believe in their existence through tales and our own imagination.  There are instances of mythical creatures stretching back to the dawn of time, but nothing concrete has ever been recorded – in texts and more recently photographs and video footage.  We rely on the tales of others to feed our imaginations, we believe in these tales because they are plausible and are often told by people who we trust.

When I began researching the different creatures I thought I would get just enough information to cover the series.  As always I research the first letter of the alphabet first, and could not believe the sheer volume of mythical creatures beginning with the letter A.  I have spent an age trying to pick the right one for me, settling for  the one listed below.

A is for………Apotamkin.

It probably comes as know surprise to some of you that I would choose this creature, given my obsession with the Twilight Saga.  I have to admit, it is true that my obsession made me favour this creature out of all of the others I could have chosen.
I was surprised to discover that in the film Twilight the websites that Bella searches for info on the Apotamkin don’t actually exist and they were just created for the film.  It might have been nice to compare the info on her sites and others, but sadly not to be.

The Apotamkin is a Native American vampire creature.  It is believed that this mythical creature was created to prevent children from wandering off into deserted areas, if they feared the Apotamkin would get them then they were less likely to wander off.  Apart from that though there is very little credible information about this demon-like creature.  Some argue they are just vampires, as in the Dracula, Lost Boys, Edward Cullen, The Salvatore brothers from Vampire Diaries, whereas others say not.  Given that we are talking mythical creatures here is hard to know just where the credible info begins and the fanciful begins.

Are these creatures real?  Are they just the same as your usual, run-of-the-mill vampires?  Or are we all deluded in thinking any mythical creature is real?  I’m not entirely sure what my thoughts are on the Apotamkin, or vampires for that matter.  I do believe in some mythical creatures though, I just don’t think I believe in these.