C is for…Pagan Blog Project week 5


We may often question our commitment to our craft, and this is quite normal.  Over the years I have questioned my commitment to a path that has not always been an easy one.  But each time I have questioned this path I have found that my commitment has grown, as has my knowledge.  The act of questioning my commitment has actually made my commitment to my path stronger, and in my opinion this is a normal and healthy.  I have found that I have grown each time I have faced a crisis of my faith.

Maybe it can be argued that these crises are sent to test us and help us grow, but usually at the time we feel anything but happy about them.  We may be left wondering why we question something that we claim to believe in so much, but without them we can end up stuck in a rut when it comes to our spiritual beliefs and this in turn can lead to us letting our actions and commitment to our craft slide.

This happened to me last year after going through a really difficult time.  I found that I could not really focus on my practice and felt less inclined to want to bother with it all.  I felt very blah about the whole spiritual side of life and was actually ready to give up on it all.  Then one day I stepped out of my front door and the beauty of my surroundings enveloped me so much I felt Mother Nature had touched me.
From that point on I was determined to commit myself to my practice and beliefs.  I wanted to do something that would help me and so I devised a blog challenge, just for myself, called 366 Days of Witchery.  So far this challenge has helped me refocus my commitment to what I feel is important in my practice, it may not be to everyone’s liking, but I have found it has helped me enormously.

Commitment is vital in this practice, without it you will feel unfulfilled.  Your path probably won’t lead you anywhere and you will probably feel like giving up on all things witchy.  Commitment is therefore vital.