D is for…..


A Demon is considered to be something that is not human and is of evil intent.  In some cultures a Demon is the word for divine spirit, or divine power.  Demons represent different things for different people, depending upon their beliefs.  In most religions a demon is a dark power, of the devil and how many of us have conjured up the image of a demon based on what we were subjected to through the TV show Charmed?

Don’t get me wrong, I love Charmed, but a lot of the negative press Demons get comes from the Christianised version of what they actually are.  For instance, in Greek the word daimon means divine power and this is where the word demon derives from.  Demons were thought to be celestial beings capable of doing good for others, as well as causing harm.  It was during the middle ages that the Christians demonised them, pardon the pun, and portrayed them as the devil, or minions of the devil.  There are many different types of demons, some doing good deeds, others bad, pretty much like humans.

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