F is for…. Pagan Blog Project F week 2


Good?  Bad?  Neutral?

I think Fairies are creatures that live in nature, like other nature spirits we only get to see them if we let go of all of the stresses and strains of the modern day world.  I think they are neutral, I think they are neither good nor bad, they just are.

The word fey – what fairies are often referred to  – originally meant “fated to die”  which is totally unrelated, apparently, to the fey folk.  But maybe this goes along way in explaining why so many people feared fairies in days gone by.

There are many different descriptions of fairies.  Some have them looking similar to the Elves, tall and willowy and ethereal, whereas others describe them as small, human like creatures, or even tiny human type butterfly creatures – I’m trying to paint a picture here, these aren’t the exact words used.

There are so many stories and myths and legends surrounding fairies that several blog posts could be written on them, and still it would only be the tip of the iceberg.
In Britain it is believed that the fairies originated from heaven when Lucifer opened the celestial gates.  It is said that they came down with the Demons.  It is also said that God declared that those who had fell from heaven had to remain there.

The pictures below depict the different viewpoint people have of fairies.

People see fairies in different ways, from small, cute childlike creatures, to large wisps of energy and everything in between.  I’m not keen on dismissing a person’s opinion on how a fairie should look, or how we should spell their name, we each of us view the world through our own individual eyes and we see things differently to each other.  Even when we are in agreement with another our view point is slightly different.  People will post on their blogs about the Fae and the opinions and experiences will differ vastly, but they aren’t wrong.  There is no wrong or right way to view them, they appear to us how we are comfortable in seeing them and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

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