I’ve been really unwell recently, more so than usual.  I have had a problem with a “sticky out thing” in my neck, pain there and dizziness and nausea.  This has gone on for a while now but has got so bad recently.  I went to see my GP and was relieved, yes relieved, to find out I had a condition called Cevical Spondylosis – this is arthritis in the neck affecting the spinal vertebrae.

It sounds bad, and in a way I guess it can be quite bad.  Apparently some people experience no symptoms when they have this condition, others have a variety of symptoms like I do, one in particular being that one of the vertebrae is nipping a nerve in the neck and that is what causes the pain, dizziness etc.

The reason I say I was relieved is because I had convinced myself that I had a brain tumour, or MS.  You see, the dizziness and funny feeling I get in the base of my head can be experienced by those who have the two things I have mentioned, but it can also be caused when a nerve gets caught between vertebrae.  So I am very relieved that I have not got some sinister illness and while I have yet another debilitating and crippling painful illness to add to my ever growing list, at least I can get physio to try and help with the pain and try to release the trapped nerve.

So, with all of these worsening symptoms I have been slow to get my blog updated and not doing so well with the Pagan Blog Project – this week I had to use a post I had written earlier in the week, rather than writing something new.  OK, so it is not entirely breaking the rules, but I felt as if I had cheated myself.  But I realise I have my limits and need to take things easy, so I won’t be beating myself up about that.
I’m just relieved to not be seriously ill.

G brings us……


A Goblin is an ugly evil creature.  Usually described as small, about knee height, with grey hair and beards.  It is said that if you want to get rid of one you should sprinkle flax seeds on the floor.  The Goblin will bend down to pick them up, making an attempt to pick them all up, but as dawn will arrive before they can do this they will disappear as they only like to come out at night.

The word Goblin is taken from the Greek word kobaloi, which means evil spirit.  This was changed to the Latin word cobalus, then to the French word Gobeline and finally to the English word Goblin.  It is said that they can be summoned by using certain spells, though they were described as frightening and only the bravest of people would have been sent to strike a bargain with them.

Thinking of Goblins I picture a creature like Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings saga.