Every culture seems to celebrate this day in some shape or form.  I know it’s really a Christian holiday, Shrove Tuesday, but with so many people “flipping” out on the idea I thought I may as well enjoy some pancakes later on tonight.

In my family we have always had pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.  I am absolutely hopeless at cooking them, I blame the arthritis in my hands as I can’t grip the spatula properly or the frying pan handle.  DH had taken over the cooking when I started losing the mobility in my hands but even he is hopeless when it comes to pancakes.  I had considered buying one of those pancake makers – expensive I know, especially when we would barely use it.  But DD2’s boyfriend is a dab hand when it comes to frying and flipping pancakes, so we have him over for tea and he is going to cook for us.

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