Be careful what you wish for!

My garden has become a bone of contention between me and the Manshape.  He has piles of wood in it, neatly stacked now, yes, but it’s still there nevertheless.  It’s been preventing me from getting my seeds planted out and the new roses put in that he bought me at Valentine’s.  I have become a naggy wife over it and have wished for the piles of tree trunk bits to be sorted.

And now my wish has been answered.  A family friend who also has an open fire mentioned last week that he has a chainsaw – which is what was needed to cut most of the wood that is left in the garden.  So the wood is being cut by M as we speak, and a lovely mess is being made of my already messed up lawn.  When I looked out of the window a few minutes ago to see how they were getting on, my first thought was to scream in exasperation.  But not wanting to make a total fool of myself I came upstairs and sat down to write a blog post.  Now I have had a little while to think this over I can see that I am getting exactly what I wanted – the wood cut up.  The wood is being cut into fire size pieces and stored in bags for later use – once it dries out.  The mess can easily – maybe not easily for me – be cleared away and I can finally get my seeds and plants sorted out.

Isn’t it funny that when we wish so hard for something it never turns out quite how we expected it to?