Leap Year’s Day.

Coming round only once every four years, Leap Year Day – otherwise known as February 29th – is something of a special day.  We hear so much about there being nothing spectacular about this day, when the present day calendar was being created nobody paid any heed etc, is the general gist of what people like to say.  But how can we, as witches, not mark this day?

According to Roman traditions, this day is good for working magicks for improbable things.  In my mind that makes it a very special day.  Reserving this day for once in a lifetime type magick – and by this I mean working for things you probably would never normally do – we can work magick for anything from a dream lover, to a dream house.  The only thing that limits us is ourselves.

Given that the day is traditionally used for women to propose to their sweetheart, it would be a good day for love spells.  Or maybe you want to patch things up with soemone – whether that be romantically, or as a friend, – but have not had the courage to do so.  The energy from this special day lends itself to improbable situations, making it the perfect tiem to just go for it.

Whatever you choose to work for, today is definitely a special day for making your dreams a reality.

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