Pagan Blog Project week 9 – E.

E is for Eclectic, of course!

I love being an Eclectic witch.  It is who I am.  The word, eclectic means choosing something or doing something from/with a variety of different sources.  Being an eclectic witch can often be confused with having no real focus, but that really isn’t the case.  I have found that almost all of the eclectic witches I know have studied many different paths and forms of magick and witchcraft, making them well equipped to wander down the path they have chosen.

Eclectic witchcraft gives me so much freedom -if I want to swap things about for a spell I can, I am not tied to one tradition.  It literally means I can do things my way, work with the best bits of any tradition I have researched/studied/worked with before.  Basically that is how I came to eclecticity; I liked many different aspects of different traditions but couldn’t align myself completely with any particular one.  I felt frustrated and held back, but then I let go and it all made sense to me.

To some, eclecticity can seem really chaotic, there are no set rules other than those you impose on yourself.  You may celebrate one esbat or sabbat using a ritual from one particuar tradition, but then the next time round you may choose something entirely different.  Or you may choose something with aspects of all traditions, and that for me is the beauty of being an eclectic witch, you are living your own path, unique to you.  Nobody gets to tell you that it is wrong because nobody else is walking that very same path with you, your rules, your choices, your decisions, your own unique type of witchcraft tailored for you by you.

It’s a pretty awesome path to walk, your own, I highly recommend it.