Pagan Blog Project – E week 2

Emotions may not seem like a very pagan minded topic, but they shape who we are, what we do and how we do it.  Something that I noticed when I first came to my path was that I had a tendency to be a pro active witch when I was mad about something, or was desperate to chage something, thus my emotions were shaping my magickal life and workings.

As I got older and started to really get to grips with magick I was able to stop myself only casting when I was angry or hurt, thus controlling my emotions and not allowing them to run my life for me.  I have to admit it can be very difficult to control your emotions though.  You know yourself what you are capable of and what you will and won’t do when it comes to casting spells etc.  It’s so easy to get annoyed by someone and not allow the feelings of needing to retaliate overwhelm you. 

The obvious tool in controlling your emotions is to count to ten before taking any action or speaking.  This few seconds can often be all that is needed to let you think beofre acting/speaking and not doing or saying something you will later regret.  Sometimes a longer period of time is needed and you may find that a few hours, or even a few days are required before doing or saying anything.  I have been so guilty of this in the past, someone has really hurt me and before I have even had the chance to think about the situation I have zapped them with something, a classic example of letting my emotions rule me.

Emotions are very much part of paganism and witchcraft, in so much as we need to have a good handle on them and not let them get the better of us.  Controlling your emotions is every bit as important as grounding or casting circles, or whatever other techniques we deem important, but it is very often the one thing we overlook.

Emotions needn’t be our enemy, they can be our friend, our mood balancer, our guide to something feeling off.  If you aren’t already in control with your emotions, now would be a good time to work on them.

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