Catching up.

Wow, life has done it again, got in the way of me blogging!
I have finally got my seeds planted out – it sucks when you have to rely on other folk to do stuff for you.  Having a chronic illness means I can’t do stuff for myself, gardening being one of them, and I am at the mercy of friends or family – not to mention the British weather, or should that be the Cumbrian weather?  It all came together beautifully this last weekend however, and the garden is shaping up nicely.  I took a few pics – seems it was all I was good for.  I am really grateful to those who do help me and my husband out – my daughter’s boyfriend and my son are in the process of painting the fences and then the garden furniture needs a lick of paint too.  Without this help I would not have the garden I love, I would have had to pay someone to flag it over or let it go to waste.  It breaks my heart that I was once able to do the garden single handed without too much pain, just that general achey feeling one gets when they have over done things a little.  When we first moved to this house in 2001 I was so excited to have a decent garden to plant in, but now, eleven years later I am unable to care for it myself.  But, we have found solutions to that in the shape of a couple of my brothers, or my husband’s step-father, or friends, or most recently our son and our daughter’s boyfriend.
The garden is shaping up nicely and it’s all down to them, so thanks so much Tony and Paul for all of your help this weekend.

I have a few pics up on another of my blogs, if you are interested you can find them here.

I am still checking pagan and witchy themed things out for my 366 days of witchery and have rediscovered something I was once very good at.  Despite not posting on here every day I am still staying true to myself on this and enjoying myself immensely.

Life has been busy, even when I have been too sick to do too much, it trundles on regardless.